Our People

Our People
Our People

Our team is a convergence of seasoned expertise and youthful dynamism. It is spearheaded by the directors, Iqbal Chaney and Nandini Sapre, and backed by a dedicated team of 60 professionals including architects, interior designers, 3D visualizers and administrative support. Our people are united by a set of shared values.

We respect individuals for who they are and for their knowledge, skills, and experience as individuals and as team members.

The team structure and training programs are intended to accomplish and sustain the highest quality of designs, drawings and delivery.

  • We hire only architects: Training and learning curve is substantially reduced.
  • Learning through association: Monthly presentations by speakers from various fraternities - Information Technology, HR, or Management. Focus is on the overall development of an individual.
  • Technical Training: 24 sessions conducted each year by staff and consultants.

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